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Water management

Water management is here meant to document all activities you or other organizations make on the water system that could be relevant for planning and development in the future. It is important to save this information over time so it is always traceable backwards.
Changes are normally seen in longer time scales, that cover over generations. It is therefore important to document for next generation for a seamless transition to next farmer. This is to ensure that no important information is lost.

Document information can be of:
1: Drainage maps at several ages.
2: Old maps above the farm is of help to understand how the water system has evolved over the years. Typically maps can be found that are 200-300 years old.
3: Layered map structure avoid maps to be too rich of details.
4: Water system capacity such as dimensioning or other data if relevant for water function, such as how deep is the water lines, gradients etc. Remember that water can only flow down the slope. To pick up the water at some point you much at least dig to that depth and go from that.

Map information can consist of many types of water lines, such as open ditches, drain pipes and culverts. Old drainage system often used stone ditches and logs.

Drainage reconditioning:
Because water systems typically has a life span from 25 to 50 years it needs to be reconditioned to maintain its functionality. A drain cleaner machine can do the job easily if you know where the tiles drains are located.

Some info about the data format:
Sometimes you want to see the overview and some other time you want to see all the details. In other words you would like to zoom in and out while maintaining full accuracy. This require the map graphic to be of vector based type.
On this website Google Maps is used to view the detailed maps. Some other maps are shown in pdf-format.

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