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In November 2009 I received the "Swedish Baltic Sea Farmer of the Year Award" from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Sweden). This website is a follow up report on what lead up to the event and describes what has happened on Ragnabo Farm after that with respect to leaching of nutrients. Report is presented here in a web site format on following pages.
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The website discusses also good agricultural practices that prevent eutrophication in creeks, lakes and seas combining with efficient and sustainable crop production on arable land. Focus lies in reducing nitrogen leaching in general and on Controlled Drainage and Irrigation (CDI) technique in particular. CDI has been implemented at Ragnabo Farm since 2004 which is located in south east of Sweden. Implementation details as well as estimates on nitrogen reduction at farm level are presented.

The CDI-technique is implemented within the base of the Nitrogen Cycle. A reduction of up to 25 kg N/ha can be achieved.

Hope this preface above has inspired you to get further into the website to find out how CDI technique can reduce the nitrogen leaching towards the Baltic Sea. Furthermore CDI also counteracts in many aspects on the effect of upcoming climate changes.

Key values

  • Farming efficiency increases
  • Increase crop yield

  • Eutrophication is avoided

  • Nitrogen leaching reduces

  • Plant nitrogen uptake increases